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Managed IT Services

Our managed IT services address all information technology and digital security problems, like offering computer support, important updates, and protecting you from the bad guys, plus things you probably haven’t even thought of yet! We will be your personal security consultant and will manage of all of your computers, servers, and networks to help you focus on doing what you do best – running your business.

TOG Superhero Sm BizOur Managed IT Services Include

  • IT help desk where phones are answered by our team whose first language is English, who are based in the US and understand your time is very limited.
  • Complete computer and server management including updates, antivirus, antimalware, backups, monitoring and reporting.
  • Comprehensive managed firewall, featuring website filtering, antivirus, advanced threat prevention, intrusion prevention, and reporting.
  • Reliable email with spam protection and encryption.


Why Use Our Managed IT Services?

Cost Effective – Our managed services are less expensive than hiring staff and with our long history in the industry, we will save you from costly mistakes.

We Know Our Stuff – With our 20 years of experience in the world of IT and information security, we know a thing or two about what kind of security your business needs. You can count on us to manage your computers and security with care and expertise.

Peace of Mind – You will be able to sleep at night, knowing your computers and critical data are secure and that we will always respond with super speed and clarity to any question or concern.

Best in Class – At The Oxman Group, we only use the best in industry solutions. We also use our expertise and learning abilities to adapt to the latest research and technology, so you always know your security is up to date.

Security Consulting Services

Our security consulting services are for those who need solutions but aren’t sure where to start, those who might be facing compliance concerns, or have been hacked and your business is on the brink of utter destruction. Too dramatic? Happens to businesses of all sizes every day!

Our Security Consulting Services Include

  • TOG Superhero FinancialSecurity Assessments – These security assessments include a vulnerability assessment which is designed to find the holes in your business security plan or help you determine the right security plan for your business to prevent the bad guys from taking what is yours.
  • Penetration Testing – This type of testing is a step further than a security assessment or can be performed in conjunction with a security assessment. It is a specific assessment to determine where the security holes are in your business applications. We find the holes and help fix them.
  • Security Policy and Procedures – After assessing your current information technology and digital security status, we will create customized security policies and procedures manual specifically for your business. This will be the blueprint your business can implement to ensure everyone follows the proper security protocol.
  • Incident Response – When you have an IT or security emergency, we offer 24/7 incident response in the DFW area. The Oxman Group will stop the bad guys from stealing important data and prevent your bank account from bleeding dry. We will work side by side with you as if your business was our own company until you feel safe and secure again. Consider us your own personal superhero.
Managed IT Services

We Care About Keeping Your Business Secure

At The Oxman Group, LLC, your security is our priority. We created our company to offer small business computer help, along with digital security to more businesses and to help you keep the bad guys away. Our group of IT professionals operate out of the greater Fort Worth and Dallas (DFW) area and are passionate about making security easy and accessible to all businesses, whether big or small, in the private sector or government. Our team has over 20 years of collective experience with computer security and computer support to secure your most important data, including those in the healthcare, financial and small to medium-sized business industries.

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