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Custom IT Solutions

Our Security Solutions Are Not a One Size Fits All

At The Oxman Group, we create custom IT solutions, security plans, and offer cost effective computer support that is unique to you and your business. We serve a variety of industries in Fort Worth and the DFW area that have various security needs and specific industry standards they must comply with. That’s why we offer customized security solutions that are right for your particular business and industry. No cookie cutter plans. No one size fits all.

We Customize Your Solutions For Your Business

We recognize that your business is unique which also means it needs unique information technology and digital security solutions. Our team of experts have experience working in a variety of industries and can easily identify the requirements and the gaps, and recommend the best solutions.

Custom IT Solutions
Custom IT Solutions

We Offer Comprehensive & Cost-Effective Plans

Because we serve each of our clients in such a customized way, you will also receive a more comprehensive and cost-effective security plan that won’t break the bank. With our 20 years of experience, we see the bigger picture and know what works well for your particular business, and what does not. That means more savings for you and no costly mistakes.


We Provide Better, Overall Protection

You can count on us to provide better overall protection as we serve you with care and offer 24/7 support. We have developed several strategies to protect, rescue you from, and solve your security issues and concerns and prevent the bad guys from reaching your most valuable information.

Custom IT Solutions
Custom IT Solutions

We Care About Keeping Your Business Secure

At The Oxman Group, LLC, your security is our priority. We created our company to offer small business computer help, along with digital security to more businesses and to help you keep the bad guys away. Our group of IT professionals operate out of the greater Fort Worth and Dallas (DFW) area and are passionate about making security easy and accessible to all businesses, whether big or small, in the private sector or government. Our team has over 20 years of collective experience with computer security and computer support to secure your most important data, including those in the healthcare, financial and small to medium-sized business industries.

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