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Cloud Security

Cloud services. Cloud apps. Cloud infrastructure. Cloud storage. Cloud backup. "Cloud, cloud everywhere And all the users did cheer; Cloud, cloud everywhere Nor any bit to secure." -- Excerpt from the unpublished best seller Rime of the Ancient Security Guy It seems...

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6 Ways to Stay Secure Online

1. Hook up to a network that you know. Free Wi-Fi is tempting, but be sure that you consider who is providing the connection. Public connections at the local coffee shop are usually unsecured and leave your machine open to outsiders. While these networks provide a...

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3 Ways to Boost Mobile Device Security

1. Set a pin or passcode. This is your first line of defense. If someone wants to access your device, they will first need to break this code. This is not an easy task (as evidenced recently by the FBI being unable to break into the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone),...

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