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Information Technology and Security

Technology That Works. Security That Protects.

When it comes to your information technology and security needs, you can depend on us, like the superheroes of your childhood. We will keep the bad guys away and swoop in at a moment’s notice to prevent your business from computer problems and unwanted security threats.



Businesses of all types and sizes have information technology and security needs. The Oxman Group LLC has years of real-world experience with clients big and small, private sector and government. We take a customized approach to each client, as each one has unique requirements. Because the threats and technologies change rapidly, we also adapt to the ever-changing world of information technology and security.


You rely heavily on electronic documentation and have to make sure you are operating under strict HIPAA compliance. These requirements can be confusing and difficult to understand. We know what it takes for you to be compliant with minimal disruption.


You have no room for error when it comes to your financial services information technology. Rely on our experienced team to help you navigate and implement these complex requirements – taking care of your computer support and security, helping you to better serve your clients.


While you don’t have a big Information Technology or Security infrastructure like Fortune 500 businesses – you do have the same frustrations and concerns. We’ll help you protect your growing business and secure its future through customized Information Technology and Security solutions.

Information Security

We Make IT Easy and Accessible

Are you a superhero in your field, but more of an everyday civilian when it comes to knowing what kind of security your business needs?

We can help you easily understand what kind of services can protect your business and make sure you aren’t spending money on services you don’t need. We promise to answer your questions and solve your problems in simple, everyday words. No computer jargon.

We Take the Fear and Frustration Out of Security

Tired of the slow response time that is common in the world of IT and computer security? We are too. We take your IT and computer security needs very seriously and that’s why we are ready to help and solve problems with super speed.

Better yet, The Oxman Group will set up safety nets to help prevent things like that from happening in the first place so you have no reason to fear.

Information Security
Information Security

We Provide You with Peace of Mind

Without good computer support and computer security in place, your business is vulnerable to the bad guys that are ever prevalent on the Internet these days.

With The Oxman Group located in Fort Worth serving the DFW area to defend you, you don’t have to worry about accidentally releasing your client’s credit card information or violating HIPAA. That’s some serious stuff you don’t want to mess with!

We provide you with peace of mind, knowing your important information is safe and secure.


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